Broadcom: Consultancy support for the wireless business

Net 1/2014,  2014-04-16

Broadcom manufactures wireless chipsets for mobile phones. Fujitsu has been consulting the company in production testing for several years.

The modem business unit of the Oulu-based Broadcom manufactures components and chips for a variety of technology products. Its chips can be found in the phones of Samsung, Apple and Microsoft and those of many smaller manufacturers as well. With its head offices in California, Broadcom globally employs approximately 12,000 professionals. In Oulu the company’s headcount is 450.

BroadcomAccording to R&D Director Toni Soini from the company’s Oulu unit, the industry is still growing strongly, along with the increasing wireless data. Alongside mobile phones and tablet computers, the company’s products are now utilized among others by the car industry and smartwatches which are used in healthcare and exercising, for example. 
How did Broadcom end up collaborating with Fujitsu?
”It all started in 2010 with Fujitsu subsidiary Nice, when we were still Renesas Mobile Europe. We needed an advisor, because we lacked knowledge in a production testing related development project. Fujitsu has helped our other global units and clients both virtually and by visiting on-site.” 
What type of things do you use external consultant expertise for?
”Fujitsu is primarily involved in developing testing for mass production at the R&D and production interface. They also contribute in different projects as needed, which helps us to be are better able to balance load peaks and control our capacity.”
How does using consultants work in practice? 
”Operation in this industry is highly protected by nature. Also our partners and clients have strict safeguards and confidentiality agreements. However, with reliable partners the use of consultants is possible.”
How would you evaluate your collaboration?
”Since we operate globally, the mutual competition of our clients and subcontractors is also global. We expect our subcontractors to be able to live up to the competition. It is Fujitsu’s asset that they are able to provide local specialists for our Oulu-based development team working for the global market. We also benefit from Fujitsu’s flexibility and the reliability of a major corporation.”

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Published in the Net Magazine 1/2014,  2014-04-16

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