C7 brings profitability and predictability to VR Track projects

Net 1/2014,  2014-04-16

The Finnish railroads will from now on be built in a more controlled and efficient manner.

VR Track is a construction company that specializes particularly in railroad engineering. It is one of the biggest players in its field in Finland. Deriving most of its revenue from project business, the company employed Fujitsu’s C7 for project portfolio management in September 2013. Thereby it seeks to enhance the profitability and predictability of its projects as well as to achieve increased customer satisfaction.

VR Track

The roots of VR Track are embedded in the more than 150-year history of the Finnish National Railways. The partnership with Fujitsu was launched in November 2013, which was brought about by the need to update the more than a decade-old information systems and document management systems to better meet the today’s requirements.

It is a tough competition in the construction business.  The projects require not only cost efficiency but also adherence to schedules and considering security issues. Last year, VR Track implemented hundreds of projects, deriving almost 90 per cent of its revenue from project business. Risks must be controlled successfully.

”With C7, the company is seeking to enhance contract accounting and to ensure project implementation and profitability. Acquiring this system is a strategic move for us,” says Vice President Harri Lukkarinen of VR Track.

Competition calls for new tricks

The system is expected to deliver clear financial advantage, which will enhance the company’s competitive position.

”According to our investment calculations, this procurement is very profitable. For example, should the profitability of our projects increase even by as little as one percentage point, the investment is expected to be recouped in around 12 months.”

In addition to licenses, C7 includes the maintenance and support services as well as integration into the internet running on VR Track’s SharePoint platform. The new system will be deployed in spring 2015 with the purpose to streamline different design, construction and upkeep projects.

Proper planning, fast startup

According to Lukkarinen, the collaboration with Fujitsu has been easy and pleasant, even though the detailed scrutiny of the contract was laborious.

”However, thinking things through down to the smallest detail eventually paid off, as it enabled fast and successful startup. We, as a company could learn from Fujitsu way of fine-tuning contracts,” Lukkarinen says, laughing.

The Fujitsu collaboration is expected to facilitate the work of VR Track project managers and make it more meaningful, as thanks to it many of the routine tasks will be automated. Among other things, advanced document management will enable the use of pre-filled forms which will save a lot of time and effort.

”The system also includes proposal phase pricing-related functions and contractual forms typical of the construction industry. With the new system, the project managers no longer need to spend their time filling out all kinds of papers and spreadsheets. All the necessary forms will be available in a one centralized place,” says project manager Anu Asikainen of VR Track.

Project management is easy with C7

  • Module-based system for the needs of project management
  • On the market since 2000
  • Clients across the Nordic countries
  • Integrable with other systems

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Published in the Net Magazine 1/2014,  2014-04-16

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