The digital Plus Service supports home care

Net 1/2016,  2016-06-27

Fujitsu’s new Plus wellness service is a digital care environment that supports the fast release of patients from the care unit and care provided at home. With this service the care unit’s modes of operation can be transformed to allow shorter hospitalization, virtual house calls, and real-time monitoring of the patient’s state.

There are several hospital projects in progress in Finland. Building something new always involves revamping the old. Following Lean principles, a smart service integrator is capable of streamlining the entire care chain and the care process of individual clients. 

One example of how Lean is applied in practice is Fujitsu’s Plus service designed for home care.

Plus service

Calling for active citizenship

What the social and healthcare reform will mean to each individual is that they will have to participate more actively in their own care than before. 

”We aim at driving the human-centric innovation thinking in small, human-sized steps. We should be talking more about supporting people throughout their lives. The more people can be supported in the early stages of their lives, the more unlikely they will need actual care services later in life. This is significant in terms of costs also. It is vital that days of illness remain as few as possible. This will be ensured through effective care paths,” says Fujitsu Wellness industry director Pirjo Nissinen-Kiviranta

”Fujitsu Plus service designed for home care for its part secures an effective care path.  However, we want to start with baby steps, because we are building a controlled system, and we want to make sure that people recovering at home are satisfied and get everything they need in support.” 

Tangible benefits for care units and recovering patients 

For care units the greatest benefits will materialize in the form of available beds and in not having to tie up capital in this service. The whole package can be purchased as a turn-key service from outside. As for a client recovering at home, the main benefit is safety, which will also give peace of mind to the next of kin. 

Fujitsu Plus service package contains a safety bracelet which enables video and audio connection. Moreover, the package contains end-devices to the customer and the care unit with video connection between the care unit, patient and the next of kin. 

The safety bracelet and the measurement equipment collect data on the client’s wellbeing and functional ability. The end-device transmits the customer’s wellness data to the care unit. The data will be saved into reports which will be monitored by the care unit. The reports also enable the offering of additional information to the next of kin on the wellness of the person cared at home.

Digital care environment adapts to needs

In fact, the new service forms an entire digital care environment that supports the fast release of patients from the care unit, and the care given at home.

”This service allows the transformation of the modes of operation in the core unit to allow shorter hospitalization, virtual home calls and real-time monitoring of the patient. The service is designed for offering all-around home care,” Nissinen-Kiviranta says. 

”From the client’s point of view, this service adds to the safety of home care. It shortens hospitalization time and allows real-time connection to the care unit.” 

Through its global service network, Fujitsu delivers the Plus wellness environment as a service, managing service setup, use guidance and technical operability. The care unit will pay a monthly fee based on use. 

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Published in the Net Magazine 1/2016,  2016-06-27

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