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Net 2017,  2017-09-12

According to Tatsuya Tanaka, President of Fujitsu Limited, Fujitsu aspires to be a true co-creation partner to its customers, contributing in the development and digitalization of their core business. Fujitsu’s main focus will be in the key technologies, which are the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, IT security and cloud services.

Tanaka in Finland

President Tatsuya Tanaka of Fujitsu Limited visited Finland at the beginning of July and was hosted by Fujitsu Finland's CEO Simo Leisti (on the right). With Mr. Tanaka at its helm, Fujitsu seeks global growth and develops its global eco system.

Fujitsu is a company with strong roots in technology and a solid product business. According to Tanaka, Fujitsu will further sharpen its focus on ICT services, to be able to offer them with consistency and top quality throughout the world. Fujitsu’s eco system is known as ”Connected Services”. It interconnects all business data and combines it with the results of its own R&D, one of its key elements being co-creation.

”We build ICT solutions together with our customers, as a co-creation partner. The core business of companies and government agencies is to an increasing extent based on information technology. It is our aim to be involved in the development of new products and services from the very beginning,” Tanaka says.

Fujitsu will be focusing on key technologies, that is, IoT, AI, IT security and cloud services.

”Systems integration has always been a strength for Fujitsu. We can combine digital technology with our comprehensive industry expertise, partner solutions and our own innovations. We are capable of providing our customers with a wide range of ICT services that our competitors can’t.”

Fujitsu is breaking an entirely new ground by recently starting a company in Finland called Fujitsu Greenhouse Technology Finland Oy, specializing in greenhouse technology. Utilizing the latest technology, it creates full automation with the Akisai cloud platform developed specifically for the needs of food and agriculture industries. In this system, greenhouse operation is based on data collected by sensors, and the Ubiquitous Environment Control System technology, which control the greenhouse equipment and production technology through remote monitoring. Finland was selected as the location for the company due to its strong technological expertise, suitable climate and energy costs. Fujitsu aims at gathering expertise in the application of cloud services in food and agriculture industries, and later on utilize it elsewhere in Europe, too.

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Published in the Net Magazine 2017,  2017-09-12

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