Rudus Oy: Transforming manual tasks with RPA

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Rudus Oy depended on manual intervention for the production of critical reports and other tasks. Fujitsu recommended Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and as a result, it is saving 60 man-hours per month, increasing employee satisfaction, and freeing resources to be redeployed elsewhere.


Rudus Oy’s production system was cumbersome and relied heavily on the manual creation of reports and other routine tasks. In particular, the company used Command Alkon, the specialist in construction materials software, to track critical business areas such as inventory and finance. However, it required significant manual intervention – up to 60 man-hours per month. Moreover, carrying out these tasks slowed down other systems and potentially locked data for use elsewhere.

The company wanted to find a simple, cost-effective way to transform how it managed and extracted information from the Command Alkon platform. It turned to its long-term IT partner, Fujitsu, for advice on how best to proceed. In turn, Fujitsu recommended Robotic Process Automation (RPA), which employs bots to automate tasks that would otherwise be performed by human employees.

“Our existing system was overly reliant on human intervention, which is both time-consuminga and prone to error,” explains Hannu Hutri, Development Manager, Rudus Oy. “Furthermore, if we run the reports during office hours, they block up the servers and business slows down, which means we have to bring employees in out of hours. RPA seemed like an ideal way to overcome these challenges.”

Introducing automation


  • 60 man-hours saved per month
  • Employees no longer work out of hours to run reports
  • Resources can be redeployed elsewhere
  • Employee satisfaction has increased

Fujitsu spent one month getting a pilot based on one specific report up and running. This involved developing RPA components that integrate with Command Alkon to automate the processes involved, such as extracting and compiling data.

When this pilot proved successful, Fujitsu spent a further three months automating six more Command Alkon tasks, including cartridge ticket generation, item usage acceptance, and invoice registration. Around 35 times each week, Rudus Oy benefits from the RPA platform to automatically create reports and associated tasks overnight without the need for manual intervention.

“Fujitsu was the natural choice for this project because it already manages our server environment and has experience with Command Alkon,” adds Hutri. “That meant we could very quickly get the RPA integrated with the application and immediately start to transform our business.”

Reducing the burden on employees

By automating these key functions within Command Alkon, Rudus Oy has eliminated 60 hours of manual work every month, enabling it to reduce the team from three employees to two. It has removed the need for employees to work out of hours to run reports as they take place automatically. Unsurprisingly, this has boosted employee satisfaction levels.

It also gives the company more resources to redeploy elsewhere in the business and ensures

that critical systems are not impacted during the day by report generation. It has been a rapid, seamless deployment that has transformed how Rudus Oy operates.

“Fujitsu’s RPA solution ensures we can run our business smoothly without being hindered by cumbersome processes, making us all more productive,” concludes Hutri. “We have been so impressed with the RPA project that we are exploring other areas where automation might play a part, such as saving PDF files within the customer extranet. RPA will continue to play a key role in the future.”

Rudus Oy is a leading manufacturer of high-quality and sustainable stone-based building materials, including concrete products, aggregates, and recycled products, for both individual and corporate customers. Rudus Oy also has recycling points that accept sorted batches of concrete and bricks. The company is part of the CRH group, the leading global diversified building materials business, employing 77,600 people at 3,100 locations worldwide.

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