Helen Lamb: Tech needs a new image

Net 2/2015,  2015-11-12

The number of women in technology companies is still low. In the tech industry, women represent 22 percent of the entire personnel. In IT, 28 percent of the employees are women. No wonder this raises the question: Why are there so few women in technology?

Helen Lamb, FujitsuHelen Lamb, Vice President, Head of Managed Infrastructure Services, Fujitsu UK, believes one of the reasons is that Technology has an image problem. ”The IT industry is not always seen as true profession and there is a perception that working in it can be quite geeky, which isn’t true – it’s an industry and profession that is dynamic with technology rapidly developing how we shape our lives and the world,” Lamb says.

”We need to change the image of this industry to something more dynamic and interesting, and to point out that it offers remarkable career opportunities to anyone.”

According to Lamb it is important for Tech companies to develop not only women executives but women working within all levels of the industry and encourage more people to choose and join the Tech industry.  To do this it needs to be seen as accessible, exciting and enjoyable.

”It’s vital to have role models within the industry that can show to others that it’s as much of a great career option for women as it is for men.”

Without any role models there is the danger that women and girls will find technology even less attractive.

Why are women, then, needed in the tech industry?

”There is now strong statistical evidence that communities and businesses that have a diverse and inclusive workforce, are the most successful and get better business results.  Attracting more women into the profession and supporting them in it, is one of the elements needed to enable a more diverse workforce,” Lamb says.

As well as the enterprises themselves encouraging a more diverse workforce, she would also like to see increased awareness and understanding of what choosing Tech means within schools, this means any communication programmes about Technology as a profession need to include supporting teachers to become aware. “We are starting to see an increased awareness of the importance of Technology and encouraging people to choose it as a profession but we still have a long way to go to achieve a balanced and diverse workforce.  I think anyone who already works in Technology is in a great position to spread the work that it’s a fantastic career choice to make”.

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Published in the Net Magazine 2/2015,  2015-11-12

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