Intelligent care in Aarhus Denmark

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Danish hospitals are facing a challenge. The volume of patients isn’t getting any smaller, yet they must cut costs. The Columna solutions play an important part in achieving savings and providing high-quality care.

Intelligent care in Aarhus Denmark

Gert Sørensen runs Aarhus University Hospital which has 10,000 employees. The Columna solutions play an important part in managing operation and reducing costs.

”We are under constant pressure to improve our efficiency. When we move to the new hospital building, we have to reduce costs by eight percent. After that we are expected to cut costs by two percent every year.”

These are the words of Managing Director Gert Sørensen, who is in charge of a large hospital with a staff of 10,000 employees in Denmark. Last year, Aarhus University Hospital was selected the best hospital in Denmark. Aarhus has approximately 800,000 annual appointments and, among many other things, performs tens of thousands of surgeries every year. Achieving cost-savings in an environment as extensive and complex as this is quite a challenge.

Intelligent IT solutions play an important part in streamlining the operations. Aarhus University Hospital uses the Columna solutions developed by Systematic that are designed for controlling and streamlining hospital operations.

”We have been using the Columna solutions since the end of 2011. It has allowed us to reduce our workload in administration and patient record processing, for example,” says Sørensen.

Patient records always available

Being a modular solution, Columna comprises multiple applications that can be implemented together or individually and integrated to other software solutions. Columna Clinical Information System is an Electronic Health Record (EHR), developed and designed for managing patient records and related documents.

Previously the patient records were maintained manually at Aarhus, but with this new system, they started using digital documents.”A patient coming to hospital should never have to hear that their records cannot be found. Now the patient records are always readily and quickly available. This is an important issue,” Sørensen says.

Aarhus University Hospital also uses the Columna Clinical Logistics software to enhance and streamline patient care, while Columna Service Logistics streamlines hospital logistics, such as the use of hospital beds. Cost-savings are achieved when all resources are utilized more efficiently.

Intelligent solutions have brought about all kinds of improvements. Attending doctors can easily check the medication their patients are on, which improves patient safety. The solutions also improve cooperation within the hospital. For example, the doctors and nurses are better informed of the treatment procedures others have performed.

Operational streamlining is quite challenging when you are simultaneously trying to maintain the high quality of patient care. ”This IT solution is one of the things that will help us reach this goal,” says Gert Sørensen.

Text Samuli Kotilainen
Photo Mikkel Berg Pedersen
Translation Päivi Vuoriaro

Fujitsu’s Intelligent Hospital brings together best solutions in the market

The Columna suite by Systematic plays an essential role in Fujitsu’s Intelligent Hospital concept. The concept aims to search the market for best solutions (modules) that target hospitals’ needs, integrate them in a smart way and bring valuable information for the end-users. This can be anything from a situational layout shot of the hospital, patient information for the medical staff – or information and entertainment for the patients. Several new hospitals will be built in Finland in the near future. As the new projects bring about plans to change day-to-day activities, Fujitsu will help customers in the process with both digitalization and Lean methodology.

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