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Fujitsu - Newsletter, Fujitsu Finland, January 2016

Basware takes down paywalls

Basware is putting the digitalization talk into action. Janne Holli works as a CIO in a firm whose core is information management. Therefore, the ICT department plays an exceptionally important role in implementing the company’s strategy. 

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Mikko Kosonen, Sitra:
No more hemming and hawing

"Now is the time to make decisions if we want to make the best of digital technology," says president Mikko Kosonen of Sitra.
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Finnish Student Health Service offers digital services to digital natives

YTHS is continually increasing its e-services to better serve its customers. Since September, students have been able to have themselves tested for chlamydia and the clap remotely.
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Intelligent care in Aarhus Denmark

Gert Sørensen runs Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark. The Columna solutions play an important part in controlling the operation.

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Japanese exchange employees learning about the ways of Finland

When off work, Masatsugu Murase and Noriharu Okada  have done some sightseeing around Helsinki, visiting Suomenlinna, for example, and Nori has even managed to bathe in the sauna. 

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Helen Lamb, Fujitsu UK:
Tech needs a new image

In the tech industry, women represent 22 percent of the entire personnel. In IT, 28 percent of the employees are women. No wonder this raises the question: Why are there so few women in technology? 

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