Tomi Pietilä first in Finland to receive MVP award from Microsoft for his cloud expertise

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Microsoft has awarded Fujitsu’s Tomi Pietilä with the Most Valued Professional (MVP) acknowledgement. This is the first MVP in cloud computing awarded in Finland.

”I’m proud and thankful for this award. It is nice to be appreciated for your work and expertise. The area of cloud services is fascinating because it makes you to truly think and explore new things. With plenty of challenges, it leaves you no time to get bored,” said Tomi Pietilä.

His MVP award is related to the Hyper-V area of Microsoft cloud platform. While Tomi Pietilä is the only Finnish MVP in this field, globally there are approximately 80 of them.

Tomi P

Tomi Pietilä, who has vocational qualification in business information technology, has always been interested in networks and cloud computing. His and Petri Mälkki’s joint blog can be found at The blog meant for IT experts has gathered 13 000 readers this year.

Messaging after hours

In his day job, Tomi Pietilä is constantly working with Microsoft cloud technologies. He is developing, and testing them, and installing them at customer sites. 

Fujitsu Nordic Cloud OS cloud service is compatible with Microsoft’s public cloud, that is, Windows Azure.

”Cloud customers are already numerous and new ones keep coming. There’s a lot of work. During office hours I don’t have much time to write blogs or anything else for that matter. Yet I enjoy writing, and blogs also serve as useful notes to self. The more in-depth research takes place after hours together with product manager Petri Mälkki. We are engaged in interesting discussions with colleagues and members of different networks,” said Tomi.

MVP award has to be earned

To be awarded Most Valued Professional requires active participation in the expert communities. MVP cannot be applied for, it has to be earned.

”The award is not about taking examinations or degrees but having solid technology expertise and being active in the networks. MVPs write blogs, assist partners, customers and other interest groups and look into matters associated with a certain technology. Being a top-notch expert, Tomi Pietilä has been involved in numerous networks that touch upon the Hyper-V technology,” said product manager Antti Alila of Microsoft.

Alila continues: ”Tomi Pietilä has also been a member of a Fujitsu team that is involved in Microsoft Technical Adaptation programs. The programs test products under development. Thereby we receive valuable feedback from a major ICT service provider on the operability of the products and the needs of the customers.

”This acknowledgement shows that Fujitsu has excellent experts. Tomi has done a great job in the design and execution of Fujitsu Nordic Cloud OS environment. He has been innovative and inspired, showing initiative. Whenever he is asked for technical assistance in a project, he responds promptly and knows how to solve even the trickiest of problems,” said head of Microsoft collaboration Mika Hyppönen of Fujitsu.

Member of an elite group

Microsoft’s award will grant access to a type of elite group to the expert, for example, by opening doors to new training possibilities and providing access to all sorts of interesting materials.
All in all, there are some 4 000 MVPs in the world, of which 17 are in Finland. Typically they are consults or the representatives of training firms. At Fujitsu there are globally three MVP awarded people who work in different fields of technology.

Various professional networks are extremely vital in maintaining one’s expertise and learning new. Openness pays off, even when it means being involved with the competitors: interactivity and networking work for the common good.

Tomi Pietilä and Petri Mälkki will be speaking at TechTalks 2015 event on Sept. 25, 2015.

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